Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sweet Sixteen!

Well three days ago was my sixteenth birthday. It was so much fun! The day of my actual birthday I went out to lunch with my parents, went to school, and then had an awesome steak dinner with no green vegtables in honor of me. yay! That night we watched "Willow", and my parents tell me I was almost named after one of the characters. They just loved the the way they said her name. My sisters gave me an awesome book called "The Brides of Maine". It was really good. Friday we went to the local Mexican restaurant which was really yummy. That night we watched "Over Her Dead Body" and ate cake that one of our friends made for me. It was amazing! Oh, and that movie was dumb. At the resataurant my parents gave my some gorgeous diamond earrings that are absolutly awesome. I am very excited about them. My extended family in Cali gave me the Thriller cd by Micheal Jackson. The funny thing is is that it was blank. Bummer dude. So amazon is shipping me is different one. Over all I had an amazing birthday and I had so much fun. Some other things happening ..... the finishing of lina bolinas playhouse, which is taking place while I am writing; The starting of school, its going awsome; and baby keaton is so cute!



Smithlings said...

What an incredible cake! It is almost too pretty to eat. Was it chocolate??? :-) YUM!

We want to see a close up shot of those new earrings. Bling!!! Isn't it amazing that mere carbon can be sparkly & pretty?

Happy Belated Birthday from all of the Smiths.

(16 XOs in honor of your b-day!)