Friday, September 12, 2008

15 days later... The Permit!

Yay! I FINALLY got my permit! Fifteen days after my sixteenth birthday, just as long as it was before Boo's birthday. :) Next year at this time, she will be getting her permit, and I will be getting my license. It has taken much longer than expected. But.... I did it. We had to go way down in Colorado Springs to get it, and it took forever, but it was definitely worth it. My father took me driving last night, and it was much different than I originally expected, but it was very fun. Yay!


toni said...

Hey Girl!

Happy Belated Birthday Sweet 16! How lame I feel. Please forgive us! We hope you had a great time turning 16 - looks like you did. You are beautiful!

Congrats on the permit. You look perfectly at home behind the wheel. (Not like one of those li'l munchkins who look like they are 12 and shouldn't be there!) One might think you were much more like 18, my dear!

Love and kisses,
toni & fam Ü

Smithlings said...

You look good behind the wheel! Have fun, drive carefully, and always remember to buckle up!

Joanna said...

Yay! You are awesome! So excited for you!