Wednesday, May 27, 2009

this is for mom!

This was first our first stop on our excursion today. Aunt Gina needed to enlarge and make a couple more copies if some pictures, and this was the place.

This was our next stop.

Our bounty.

On our way home. It was really hot once we got back in the car. :(

Me unloading the car. Auntie insisted I hold something for the picture, thus the lemonade in my arm.

more of our bounty.

The stupid camera that would not hook up to this computer. >:( very frusterating. As I am typing we are about to depart for A movie and chilling with Jen! YAY! We are going to see Night At the the Museum. Excitment! More pictures later!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A long long time ago.... was the last time I blogged

I am very bad at being consistent with a lot of stuff. stuff named blog. other stuff of course too but the blog is a big one. So let me catch you up on the important recent events.
1. College.... This semester I took my first college class. It English 121 which I guess is just freshman english. I take it at Pikes Peak Community College. So far Ive done ok in it, it is a lot different than Im used to. So far Ive written on my personal definition of violence, a person or place that si important to me, and a paper on advice. Right now Im working on an analysis paper.
2. Sickness.... Since the beginning of the school year I have been sick 3 or 4 times. I hardly ever get sick so this was very wierd and unnormal for me. After we thought I was recovering, I had a small relaps of one of the sickness'. My throat was also hurting so my mom took me to the doctors to get checked for strep. i didnt have strep. So, my mom comes into my room shortly after that and asks me if I have heard of anyone in my school having mono. I hadnt at the time but I learned after that that there were a couple cases of it in the school. So after blood tests we found that I did have mono. yay. while talking to my frend liz yesterday I realized she had the exact same simptoms before me! coinsidence... I think not. the good news is that I feel much better now, though I am still pretty tired.
3. Soccer.... I didnt get to do soccer becasue of my college class and even if I had I wouldnt have been able to play because of the mono.
4. Job... I have been working two mornings a week at one of our friends ranchs that is about ten minutes down the road. Thats is really awesome. I am also applying for a job at the new Marriot Fairfield thats coming in down the road. Hopefully a summer job.... :)
thats all for now.... :D