Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sooo...... Its been awhile

I know friends. Its been a long time since Ive updated my blog. Sorry, but its not very high on my priority list, though I will try to remember more often. So, since the last time I blogged nothing much crazily exciting has happened. I have been going to public school for three classes and out of the three I really like all of then. For one though "like" is a relative term. Chemistry is pretty fun for me, I like my teacher, and I like the stuff we are learning in that class. I think its fun. But I am in conceptual chemistry, which is supposed to just have easier math. Apparently this is the class for all of those who failed regular chem though. So, pretty much all of the people in this class completely grind on my nerves every day. Its very hard for me to be in a class of kids who don't care about one thing and who don't do their homework. So, a lot of the time I come home frustrated because I was the only one in the class who had my homework done or something really stupid like that. Being the homeschooler that I am I'm used to having things done on time. Anyways.. I'm taking photo too and I totally love it.
We are going to have Christmas with my cousins.. yay! It has been about seven months since we've seen them and we get to meet Nacoya too! I am very excited about that. Now all we have to do is convince my grandparents to move here. Not having much success with that though.
It snowed yesterday night(which I was ecstatic about) and... that's about the newest news there is to share.
When I have something else interesting to blog, I will share it with you. :)