Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lina Bolina's Playhouse

Today was devoted to the continued building of Lina's new playhouse. We got all the measurements for the two long walls done, and one built. Then we (being Boo, Dad, and I) decided we were beginning to fade and made the desision to be done for today. So now me and Gabe are watching The Core. The part we are watching is so sad, this dude, we totally watch him die. uuggh. :( here are some pictures of the playhouse.

This is the one long wall we built today. The two open spaces on the top are the are windows.

This is the base of the playhouse. We will be putting plyboard on the top once the walls are up.

And this is Boo Boo. She has been reading this book that her friend Meghan loaned to her.


teters4 said...

You all are doing a fine job on the playhouse. You girls will be regular engineers when you are done! Your dad could have been an engineer - he's really good a building things. We can't wait to see the finished product!

Ubu Jones said...

That book was amazing becca!!! You are reading it right now! The book is called Inkheart! It is amazing! Meghan loaned it to me! It was sooo good!

Smithlings said...

It's fun to read your blog to see your take on events & happenings within the "Jones" fam. :-) Great job!!!

The playhouse project is progressing right along. Looks like a fun family activity.